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Our Portfolio Companies

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Alpha MOS is a leading player in the sensory technology industry with the ability to discern odors, tastes and visual patterns electronically. Its analytical products include electronic noses, electronic tongues and a visual analyzer, and serve the food & beverages, plastic & packaging, pharmacy and environmental monitoring industries.

califia farms logo.png

Califia Farms is a leading beverage company with a diversified set of products across plant-based milk, coffee and juices.  Califia has strong presence in both the conventional and natural channels in the United States and is expanding rapidly internationally.  Califia's innovation and branding is unparalleled in industry and will be a significant driver of growth for the business.


Hint is leading beverage brand, with a strong presence across grocery retail, online and foodservice channels in the US.  The Company’s products are flavored still and sparkling waters—providing customers with a beverage that has zero sweeteners, zero calories and no artificial flavors and is made with real fruit.


Juste Bio is the leading French brand in the sale of organic nuts, organic dried fruits and other organic dried foodstuff through bulk dispensers established at large to small retailers. With more than 60,000 dispensers installed and fully serviced by Juste Bio, the company is able to warrant an optimal quality and traceability of more than 120 products, which are analyzed and packaged in the plant located in the Vaucluse region. Juste Bio is growing rapidly and benefits from the broader tailwinds of better-for-you eating and the growing movement towards waste and packaging reduction as consumers continue to be more conscious about their health and the environment.


NICK’S is a Swedish brand offering healthy products that don't compromise on taste and they never use added sugar. NICK'S believe in the simple idea that food shouldn’t just taste great, it must also be good for you and the people you love. Join Their Fight on Sugar at

Pépette Logo.png

Pepette is a French next-gen pet-food brand, offering human-grade food based on fresh products (100% French ingredients) and completely personalized. All the recipes have been developed by a veterinary nutritionist, which guarantees their balance and their adequacy to the nutritional needs of your cat(s) or dog(s). Pepette’s products are delivered right to your doorstep and provide your pets all the benefits of personalized fresh best-in-class meals.

foodcheri (2).jpg

Foodchéri is an emerging player in the rapidly evolving food delivery industry in France.  The Company provides both ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat meals to customers throughout Paris for lunch and dinner. Foodchéri’s offerings provide customers with a healthy, convenient alternative to cooking at home and other lower-quality delivery or take-out options.


itsu limited is a healthy, Asian-inspired food brand, with a strong, established food retail business with close to 70 shops in the UK and a unique branded grocery products business.  The Company is focused on delivering healthy and innovative products to its consumers across multiple distribution channels. itsu was founded by Julian Metcalfe, co-founder of Pret a Manger.

beyond meat logo.png

Beyond Meat is a leader in the rapidly growing meat alternative industry.  The Company has significant distribution in retail and foodservice with a variety of plant-based meat alternative products, including the Beyond Burger.  The Company's unique technology continues to help Beyond Meat to innovate and expand its offering--making meat alternatives more accessible for consumers.

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